Software Samadhan is a IT based company started in the year 2020 from a small town of Kokrajhar district, Assam, India. We are a team of experienced and qualified person from across India working on cloud based system and develop softwares according the customers need. The company offers its customers full range of IT services.

Currently the company is offering services like website design, web application design, web portal design, automation in different sector like school management system, attendance system, file tracking system, Billing system, Accounting System, etc. We also offer complete solution in ID card design, supply of official ID card peripherals. We also work in Network set-up, LAN set-up, supply of Computer related assets, etc. Supports we provide like consultancy in web related issues, maintenance of previous software, installation of any software.
If you feel to work with us, kindly send an mail to softwaresamadhan@gmail.com or call/sms to +91 70995 10655. We will be in touch with you shortly. Feel free to get in touch with us to transform your problem into solution.